Take a look at the video to the right. It is based on a talk I gave at the Festival of Thrift in Darlington. It was aimed at Social Enterprises and because of the Thrift theme it majors on free and low cost resources. With my background in community engagement I’ve always explored the use of low cost hardware and free and open source software. Over the past five or six years I’ve taken on more and more business support and the same approach works for business. Free software does not mean bad software and if a free or low cost tool can do the job for you why not embrace it? Certainly in the current economic climate it makes perfect sense.

If you are just starting out, now is the perfect time to get your Digital Ducks in a row. Even if you’ve been going for a while and want to increase your digital footprint and activity, I can help there too. You may even have some digital aspects to your business but perhaps it needs a makeover or a rethink. Give me a call.

I can help you get the whole package together including domain name(s), email systems, social media marketing, invoicing & accounting, website etc. You may also want to attend one or more of my workshops or I can put together a bespoke package for you using various elements from the range of workshops. If you have a team I can also lay on staff training for your workforce.

Please get in touch for a conversation.

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