I have been looking into this “Spectre & Meltdown” security issue and I believe I’ve got a handle on it albeit at a layman, not expert level. I’ve come across one thing I want to share with you but more of that in a moment. These security flaws are present in computer chips NOT the software so it’s going to take years before we have new devices with unaffected chips. And this affects ALL devices (computers, phones, tablets) and we’re talking about ALL manufacturers too – Apple, Microsoft, Google etc. Luckily they’re all on the case, issuing patches so as long as our systems are up to date you should be OK.

However, if you are a heavy user of the Chrome Browser as I am, I’ve come across something you have to do for yourself. It’s quite simple and Below are a couple of screenshots to help. Copy and paste this: chrome://flags/#enable-site-per-process – into your chrome browser address bar (diag 1) and press enter. On the next screen you see (diag2) click on “enable”. That’s it. My understanding is that what this setting does is make sure that, if you browse a secure site where you might enter data and you browse a bad site that could steal your data from the bad site, this setting keeps them separate and stops this happening. Apparently, it has no adverse effect on your browsing speed etc.