Practice What You Teach

fishingI will soon be retiring from Teesside University. Unfortunately, I’m not independently wealthy so I’ll still be working but rather than the old cliché of just “slowing down” in retirement I plan to work in a more focussed way.

I’ll still be doing lots of creative things and all sorts of digital things. Now, as I face the proposition of freelancing once again, I realise that I have not practised what I have been teaching in web presentation and social media all this time. My website http: did not clearly state my offer and I didn’t have a well thought out social media strategy. Hopefully I have now addressed these issues but they may stand some tweaking in the coming weeks and months.

What I aim to do is release regular of tips and video tutorials from the wealth of resources I have created over the years (with permission of course). The first of these went out yesterday http:/introducing-paper-li/ and if you want to subscribe to future updates go to http:/subs/ – I have worked on my social media strategy and I’ve set up a system using Trello, Google Docs and IFTTT. I’ll no doubt blog about this later so please subscribe.

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