My Digital World

I’ve just uploaded a video “My Digital World” (see below)  It shows how I operate from day to day as a small business with an online presence. I’d like to offer free one-hour workshops to show people how to harness technology to support and grow their business. This could be for someone who has dipped a toe into the digital world and wants to get a bit more professional or someone who has no digital presence at all. I’m talking about plumbers, hairdressers, corner shops etc.

The workshop will show you the possibilities and we’ll keep it really simple and to the point. Then I’ll create a bespoke package to suit each participant’s needs and cost it out. This does not need to be expensive at all as most of what you need varies from free to low cost. Once we’re good to go I will help you implement it all as well as provide support materials to get you started.

The workshop will be free. The only cost will be the cost of the venue (if there is one) which could be shared between attendees. I’ll send more details when these workshops are due to run but by all means, get in touch if you would like to attend one or if you have a venue that would like to host one.

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