Back in the late 70’s and through the 80’s I was producing all kinds of bands. I gained quite a reputation as one of the architects of NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal” ( see Wikipedia ). Since then I’ve produced music for many purposes including TV, Film, Computer Games, Exhibitions. So if your next project needs music please get in touch.

Below are some examples of songs I wrote and produced for a BBC animated TV series “Little Monsters”

The songs are kind of a pastiche of things from The Beach Boys to Bon Jovi but I recall having a lot of fun writing and recording them. I handled all the instrumentation and I can spot myself on some of the voice characterisations too.

You can hear the tracks by clicking on the character or their name. Two of the tracks are not the mixes actually released. “Tell Tale Tallulah” is an extended mix featuring scat vocals which are beyond the fade on the released track. “Dangerous Dave” features the “heavy mix” rather than the tamer one for release.


(c) Splash Productions

Vocals: Mick Whitaker, Phil Caffrey, Paul Caffrey, Tanya Rowlands. Instrumentation and Production Steve Thompson. All songs composed by Steve Thompson