Some of my Favourite Twitter Tools

Paper Li

With Paperli you can create a daily newspaper based on your Twitter stream (and other platforms) This is great for generating re-tweets as your main contacts are foregrounded. This is my own paper I also set up a weekly special – “The Sunday Steve”. I can guarantee that anyone mentioned in my daily paper will retweet me leading to amplification of my message and increased influence and followers.

st-daily  This is kind of quirky but it works really well. It automates a bunch of things. I’m sure I need to tweak my set up. The free version limits you to a fixed number of weekly engagements and pesters you quite heavily to take up their premium service. Stuff it does:

  • Sends Follow Friday #FF tweets to your top followers.
  • Thanks people for following you.
  • Thanks people for retweets.

This all happens automatically on a schedule that you set up but at any time, you can go into your dashboard and take over in real time (until you use up your allotted engagements). This works really well and has got me a lot of engagements, new followers, retweets and amplification of my message.


Who Unfollowed Me Who Unfollowed Me lists the people who have … er unfollowed you. Be careful this could break your little heart. You may want to consider why people have unfollowed you. Maybe you have posted too much (or too little) maybe you have been “off topic”. Sometimes marketers have followed you and if you don’t follow them back or respond to their annoying direct marketing messages then they unfollow you – good riddance I say.

ST Medialearn

These are just some of the tools in the Twitter section in my online course Social Media For Enterprise. Check it out online here or book me for a workshop.



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