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I run a broad range of digital workshops including animation and digital story telling for Children (& adults) and a whole range of creative workshops for communities. I’ve also done some hybrids like Digital Skills for Employability and Digital Skills for mental well-being. Contact me for more info.

All the workshops are highly practical with no jargon and jam packed with #goldennuggets ! We use only free digital tools so it will be easy for you to implement what you learn from the workshop into your own practices.

After the workshop you will have access to my e-learning portal where there are all the resources you need from the workshop. You will be able to remind yourself of the processes you learned at any time.

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The workshops below are particularly suited to Social Enterprises, Creatives, SMEs and Sole Proprietors.

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The content of the workshops can be varied or adjusted to suit your particular requirements.

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  • Steve recently configured my website, email, and all related social media for my business, and as always I was so impressed with Steve and how quickly and efficiently he delivers. He also provides you with the knowledge and support to enable you to do things for yourself too!
    Steve is forever keeping up to date with the minefield that is social media and all things tech, which is why he is always my first call when I need assistance or a straight forward answer to a problem.

    I would genuinely recommend Steve to anyone!

    SJ Virtual Assistant

  • Whilst looking to develop a new website is we were given Steve’s number, I was told to give him a ring, and how brilliant he was!

    WHAT A GUY! From the first contact with him he it was obvious that he was genuine, and unlike so many, actually did what he said he would do, AND the major bonus, again unlike many, actually knew what he was talking about!

    Steve developed the website with me rather than for me, so at the end of the process, we had a brilliant website, which I knew how to manage, saving us website management cost’s.

    During the process, on many occasions, Steve had me sat, mouth agog, AMAZED at what we could do with the site and how easy it was!

    We’ve since had Steve in to do some training with us about embracing digital technology, which, speaking for myself alone, had me amazed!

    I would highly recommend Steve and ST MEDIA, don’t be fooled by his laid back approach; This guy, in my opinion, is the bees knees!!

  • Thanks for setting us on our social media journey with the training those several years ago. We now have 1256 fans on our Facebook page, so you taught us well.

  • Michele armstrong
    October 24, 2015 6:23 pm

    We are surrounded by IT and everyone thinks they know it all. Steve knows a lot more than most definitely a lot more than others, but Steve continually learns, develops and seeks out the best solutions. He never says he knows it all. We commissioned Steve a couple of years ago to help us develop a website that we could easily manage ourselves. The workshops Steve ran were relevant and very much catered for all the varying levels of IT skills of the team.
    Steve has always proved helpful and supportive. His apparent laid back approach helps put you at ease but you quickly realise this guy does know what he is talking about.
    Get to know him he has some fantastic stories to tell of his own life antics.
    I was very happy to recommend him to others and know he has succeeded in making their business better as a result of the developments he helped to embed.
    Michele Armstrong ex CEO of 2D Ltd

  • When I do one of Steve’s workshops I come away from the session being able to actually do something – it’s not just talk. He shows you how its done and then gives you the support for you to do it yourself. I would recommend Steve’s workshops every time.

    Total Order Pro


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