Donald Duck Visits The Doctor

ST-TEAM2Please, bear with me. I’ll get to Donald and his doctor in a minute but first let me set the scene. Tomorrow I’ll be running my second “Computers for Beginners” workshop at Westerdale and the subject, this time, will be how to set up and use  email. Many of the participants do not have their own email accounts yet. This image represents some of the accounts on my laptops that they will use to practice on to get them started. There are 12 email accounts in total: Snow White + 7 Dwarves + 4 others (one of which is Mr. Duck himself)

Next week it could get even more surreal when we cover Social Media. Donald and co all have social media accounts. They have “friends” too. For some reason, Tom Blenkinsop PM friended ALL 7 dwarves and Snow White during the general election!

Where it moves to the sublime is in the week four session which will cover online transactions and services. The local surgery has provided us with access to the records of a patient called Donald Duck. “Donald” will be able to order medication, book appointments etc.

The health centre hopes that the workshop participants will later  visit the surgery to get their own registration. Apparently only 20% of patients have registered and the surgery staff are keen to expand the service.

Good old Donald !

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