Digital Visits

A few years ago I was experimenting with the idea of “Digital Visits”. Taking people (mostly elderly) around locations and taking pictures and then back at base, making web galleries and digital maps. It was terrific. We went around communities and each time the host would prepare a bit of a guided tour.

Much of the content is lost now. I have pulled together as much as I can in these pages but most of the links will be broken. There is a Facebook page and I just re-discovered a bunch of pics on Flickr. One day I took a bunch of folks to Whitby in a people carrier and gave them cameras. Another time we went to Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.

The picture below was taken on the return journey from Whitby. Alan Lawson (I think that was his name) showed us a different road back to Loftus.  There is a Flickr account with all the Whitby and Mining Museum pictures here.


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