Digital Stories from Summer School

I lead a Summer School for the Headstart project at My Place in August. About 15 young people attended and five stories were produced.  You can see all the stories here. The theme for the stories was transition from primary to secondary school as this was the journey the youngsters were on during the summer. Hopefully they’re all settled into their new schools now.

The format of these stories is a little different to the norm as we needed a more rapid process that the usual gestation period for a digital story. Actually I have developed several different processes for Digital Story Telling as well as devising others and I’ll write it all up very soon.

I’m leading on the Digital Strategy for the Middlesbrough Headstart project and this and other workshops have been delivered for Headstart. Middlesbrough has been selected by the Big Lottery Fund as one of 12 areas to deliver a programme to improve mental health and resilience for 10-14 year olds. Middlesbrough Council has been awarded £500,000 to deliver a test and learn programme over a 18 month period.

The ultimate aim of the programme is to equip young people with resilience to prevent mental health problems occurring in the first place, and to build the evidence base for prevention, early intervention and service redesign.

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