A Start, a Middle & an End

This is Ian’s story.

In my workshops I express the importance of story development. Starting out in an interesting way that draws the listener in. Then expanding to deliver the story in an interesting and consuming way. Then concluding in a way that give a satisfying  ending, possibly even a surprise ending. In other words a start, a middle and an end.

Therefore in the Digital Story  workshops I run, story development takes up a fair bit of time (I’ll talk about more rapid approaches later).

In the planning stage for this particular story, Ian was talking about an annual holiday with family and friends. I informed him that, with the greatest respect it was not riveting stuff.  However, as Ian told the story we soon realised there was a story within the story. The story of a wedding ring. Once Ian realised this he had his story and a darned good one it is too. Once you’ve heard it click on the “next” button and we’ll take a closer look at the processes of digital story telling.