We’re talking about original, creative and inspiring content so let’s not use the cliché “content is king” shall we?

It is pretty important though, and several of my workshops address  the topic of content be it audio, video, images, text or a combination of them all. The image over to the right was quickly put together using Canva and Pixlr Express, two great tools for generating graphic content.

You could attend a range of the Embracing Digital workshops to learn various skills around content creation, content curation, publishing and promotion and a whole range of tools and practices to help you achieve your aims.  Alternatively we could put together a bespoke package that fits your needs. We’re all publishers nowadays but  I recognise that the most important thing is still your core business.  However, there are tools and practices that afford efficient ways of producing consumable content that promotes your business and still leaves you time to actually do business.

Please contact me and let’s have a conversation.

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