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I’ve been around a long time and I know stuff. I’ve functioned as a consultant to Higher Education Institutions, Local Authorities and Companies. I was a member of a group consisting of several Universities named Practical Design for Social Action (PRADSA) and acted as a consultant to another multi University group investigating the “New Dynamics if Ageing” out of which came this report.

I advised Lincolnshire council on their Digital Strategy and I’m currently leading on the Digital Strategy for Middlesbrough Council’s multi million £ project “Headstart” which focusses on mental well-being. I once helped a consortium of European Universities with their social media strategy and the workshops were run deep in a forest in Poland.

I have advised several SME’s and social enterprises on their ICT systems and can advise on and design websites.

I advised University of Brighton on the creation of their PHD in Creative Media and acted as one of the external validators. I functioned as “external industry professional” for Cleveland College of Art and Design’s Moving Image Diploma.

I was Teesside University’s Social Entrepreneur in Residence for the 2013/14 academic year. I am also co-founder and chair of a social enterprise: East Cleveland Online CIC and have just been invited onto the board of trustees of a social enterprise in Berwick upon Tweed – a community pub!

I have given keynote speeches all over the world mostly on the topics of creative and innovative use of digital technologies in community settings.

I was Principle investigator on an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project SPICE (Stimulating Participation in the Informal Creative Economy) and I was Co investigator on two other AHRC funded research projects.

One of those IBCC (Issue Based Creative Clusters), had me leading on the Digital strand of a community play “The Bonny Moorhen”. I must say I went completely native on that one and took a role in the play! The video below tells all.