Mention “classroom” and people think  immediately of schools, and yes, I’ve taught in schools to children of all ages. I’ve also taught their teachers. But I’ve also taught wikis in a Museum in Vienna, social media deep in a forest in Poland (image to right & at foot of page), multi media in Germany  and I’ve lectured in Heavy Metal at the University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.

I’ve taught classes in Higher Education at degree level, in Further Education Colleges as well as primary and secondary schools. My main involvement is to bring innovation to teaching practice like this Internet Radio Project with a school in Tyneside, this Soap Opera Project with 7 Weardale schools or the East Cleveland Writers Network through which I’m developing literacy initiatives in primary schools. I’m currently developing projects for Teesside University with their two sponsored academies and associated primaries.  I am  also training project staff and teachers in Middlesbrough for the Headstart project.

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I’ve even taught in virtual classrooms as you’ll see from the Teachers TV clip below

“Classrooms” around the world! (hover for titles – click to enlarge)

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