Beginners At Westerdale

Starting in April I’m doing something that’s a bit of a departure for me, or at least something I’ve not done in a while. This will be workshops for beginners. As an added bonus the workshops take place in the beautiful village of Westerdale in North Yorkshire.

Included is:

  • Web browsing. Explain the difference between the  browsers. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox. The reasons for having different browsers.
  • Emailing, and day to day diary-ing and tasks. I will give each person a pre existing email account to practice with.
  • Social Media. We’ll major on Facebook but I’ll also demonstrate and talk about others that may be of interest.  I will give each participant a Facebook account where they can explore without revealing their own identity.
  • Transactions on the web – banking, etc etc. Digital tools for day to day living and money saving. How to make online purchases.

The details are in  This Document (click to open – right click to download)

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