Internet & Digital Media For Beginners.

I’ve been running a series of workshops for elderly people in Westerdale Village Hall. The participants are from the village and surrounding North Yorkshire villages. The average age of attendees is 70. The workshops have proved to be popular and the participants have been having a great time. I’ve also created some special support modules on my e-Learning portal which they were delighted with.

We started out using my 10 laptops plus the 4 belonging to the Village Hall. This was a drain on the wireless connectivity so we used one laptop per table with two people per machine. This worked better on an unexpected level because each pair were able to help each other.

Several of them have iPads, various tablet devices and smart phones. To better support them I’ve topped up my arsenal of devices (see picture). My Android tablet packed up ages ago so I set out to find a replacement. I found a supplier of NEW ones on Ebay for the princely sum of £35. It will not win any beauty contests but it works OK. I took it to Westerdale to show everyone. That weeks session was about on-line transactions and stuff like Ebay. Three of the participants were so keen on my £35 Tablet that they each ordered one on Ebay. MY Ebay account mind you – cheeky blighters. They furnished me with cheques and cash.

These beginners workshops have proved so successful that we are likely to repeat them. If you think this might be something your own Village hall might like to run please have them contact me.


1) Windows PC 2) Android Tablet 3) Chromebook 4) Android Phone 5) Apple Mac 6) iPhone 7) iPad

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