To an extent this goes hand in hand with Music Production but I think it deserves it’s own section. I’ve been around audio production since forever and first got involved when it was all done with reel to reel tape recorders and editing was done with an editing block and a razor blade. Some years ago I took to the digital world of recording and although I still play my trusty old Stratocaster, I love the world of Music Technology. I’ve digitised my old reel to reel tapes, cassettes and vinyl records so if I could do this for you please get in touch

An example of audio restoration.

Back in the late seventies I was producing heavy metal bands for the Neat Label. A band came in called Southbound and we laid down what I thought were 3 great tracks. Unfortunately the E.P. we worked on never got released and the cassette of the songs languished in my archives. There it lay until Southbound’s Drummer, Mick Kelly got in touch. Apparently I had the only existing copy and with bass player Davey Giles’ 60th birthday approaching the band wanted to press some CD’s as a special gift. So I digitised the cassette and then I put the tracks though a bunch of digital processors, beefed it up and did a few digital repair jobs. The result sounds as fresh as when those 4 young guys came into the studio over 35 years ago. The tracks are now online and can be downloaded.