Steve Thompson

Steve has had a varied career leading him to where he is now.  He has been a Steelworker a record producer, a hit song writer and an educator. He has been described by “Future Democracy” as “one of Europe’s most original thinkers on community engagement using new technologies”.

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He was for 15 years the Community Engagement Coordinator and Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Teesside University. Steve is currently delivering Digital Skills Workshops to a range of individuals, organisations and businesses. He is also working as a consultant to a number of organisations including Barnardos and Middlesbrough Council.

As a consultant to the Department of External Relations (DER), Teesside University he is exploring innovative ways of engaging the University’s two sponsored Academies and their related primary schools. In this role he is  referred to a “The Ambassador to Digital Inclusion” and this is a title also bestowed on him by the Lithuanian Republic of Uzhupis.

He is Chair of the Social Enterprise, East Cleveland Online and has recently been elected Chair of Middlesbrough Mela

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