Back in October 2011, I set up a website to assist with the production of a community play. The play was “The Bonny Moorhen”  which told the story of the “Battle of Stanhope” that took place in 1818 (remember that number).

The play was to take place in a converted barn on March 22nd, 2012 for three (sold out) nights so I put a countdown timer on the site that started counting down from 173 days until show time. Each day the time showed we were one day closer. Those 173 days were a fantastic adventure.

As often happens the original site for the project disappeared but I have spent the last few weeks reassembling the site from my archives and fixing links although some remain broken. Interestingly the countdown timer has continued counting and now shows days SINCE showtime. Interestingly, today it shows that it is 1818 days since we told the story of The Battle of Stanhope, a most significant number indeed. This seems to be a good day to share this with you so please enjoy the stories and images on the site

This link http:/archives/ditd/?order=ASC  will reveal the Blog in chronological order from the very first activity til the day the chairmanship was passed from James Percy to Liz Gill and a new social enterprise was formed beginning a new chapter of Drama In The Dale. Drama in the Dale continues to this day

You can see all the photographs from the project (various photographers) here and the video below tells the story from my own personal perspective.