Update 2021

I retired in 2015. This site was set up to present Digital consultancy services. I still do this but I’m now also working two days a week at Age UK Teesside as Digital Inclusion advisor and two days a week for Catalyst Stockton as Digital Inclusion Coordinator. On Fridays I fit a shed load of other stuff in. This site is a little out of date but it has a wealth of information and resources which is why I continue to host it with the above disclaimer.

Bespoke Digital Consultancy & Mentoring

Digital Content

Learn how to create Digital Content for the web

Bespoke Training

Get 1 to 1 training and knowledge about all things Digital

Starting Out?

If you’re starting a business now more than ever you need digital expertise on your side

Classroom Training

We also teach to entire classrooms of people

What others are saying

[us_testimonial author=”Loughbrough University” company=”“A Sense of Adventure” published, November 2012″]We pay tribute to the innovative & inspiring ‘model’ of ICT learning & support established by Steve Thompson and look forward to seeing it emulated more widely[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Chloe Hall” company=”MD of award-winning PR & Marketing Consultancy Bumble & Bloom Media”]Do you run a business? @Stevie_T workshops are a GOD SEND”. Every session is simply jam packed with #goldennuggets of really useful information.[/us_testimonial]